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When Susan enters the hot room as our Bikram instructor we are greeted with a warm southern good morning, a big smile and a truly sincere “I am so glad to see you all here today!”  From there Susan leads us through each pose with upbeat, clear direction, demonstrations, one on one guidance, funny anecdotes, gentle encouragement and plenty of compassion. Susan’s life journey has made her aware of the struggles faced by so many people and insight into how to compassionately inspire and encourage each person to be true and kind to themselves and others. Susan appears to do everything with joy and clarity and is one of my very favorite instructors and people!

Jill Nelson 

As an overnight 50 year old male, I have been to Bikram Hot Yoga enthusiast for over seven years and I've had the great pleasure of having multiple classes thoroughout this time with instructor Susan Heller. Susan brings nan expertise and calmness to the "hot" room that gives practitioners confidence an comfort all at the same time. Her delivery is extremely encouraging and delightful. There is a saying that "hot yoga never gets easier, but it does get better", ell Susan as my instructor always makes it better. 

Mark Black

I took my first Bikrim yoga class with Melinda about 2 years ago and loved it! Now, after countless classes with her, I’m more impressed than ever.  Melinda is so down-to-earth, genuine and caring, and she demonstrates these qualities during her teaching:  this is especially helpful when students (like me!) are struggling with the heat or just the overall intensity of the class. Her timing is perfect, too, even as she weaves in corrections and praise to individual students. Melinda guides us (with her soft, gentle voice) and encourages us to work to our highest potential.  Her experience teaching Hot Yoga Pilates—a high intensity, circuit training exercise class—has brought energy and enthusiasm to her teaching of the Bikrim classes.  Melinda is terrific…I highly recommend her!

8-year veteran—Karin St. Pierre

All who know Laura know that she is intense and passionate. Laura channels her passion for Yin Yoga into classes where her soothing voice shares instruction, an ever expanding body of knowledge, and endless patience and encouragement. Laura meets each of us where we are that day and guides us through poses to “creep” our fascia, stress our joints and connective tissue leaving us feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Yin is an excellent balance for the Yang of Bikram and Laura is an outstanding and knowledgeable Yin instructor.

Jill Nelson

Laura Frey and I have been friends for nearly 11 years now having met through our running background.  We found that we shared a great passion for the sport and were very much alike in our willingness to do the extra hard work to be our best and share the love of what we do.

I remember vividly when she took her 1st yoga class and the  excitement she shared about this wonderful experience. Like she had done with running she soon was all in with the yoga taking multiple classes , hours of extra work at home and learning as much as possible.   It took 6 months but she finally persuaded me to join her in a class and I saw first hand the amazing progress she had made and that she was fully committed to her new passion.  Her enthusiasm is quite contagious and I stuck with it. Soon we were doing Yin yoga on the sidewalk before morning classes and so I was not the least surprised and excited when she said she was going to teacher training.   I have never known anyone more dedicated to learning and teaching  and this passion shines through in every class she leads.   Take her classes and you  will  see a huge difference in your practice in no time.

Joey Anderson

A coach at heart, Charles will take your practice to the next level. His skillful intuition will help transform your postures in surprising new ways. He’s gentle when you need it, and tough when it’s time. You will genuinely fall in love with his class.

Hailey Waller

Susan has that special something. She is sincere, and her down to earth personality and calming voice make her class one of the most relaxing, positive experiences you can have.

Hailey Waller

Being very particular about my Bikram yoga instructors for the following reasons; 1) I have been an educator for +13 years and know a good teacher when I see one and 2) I've done yoga now for enough years to know the difference between those who inspire and those who just teach.Susan is one of those teachers who has come so far and is always growing both in her practice and her instruction. I was there when she first began teaching and now she is one of my favorite local yoga teachers.She not only gives helpful recommendations but is both personable inside and outside the yoga room.She is attentive to those who need additional help and instruction but also knows how to inspire those who have been there years all the  while keeping the class at the rate that is appropriate to do one's best.

Fiddlin' Holly