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Susan Heller

I attended my first Bikram yoga class at New Smyrna Beach Florida 2009. A friend asked me to join her one day and there I went. I was in terrible shape and the class was difficult for me. I was told to stay in the room and rest if needed. After class I said to my friend I'm not sure if I should hug you or punch you as we  laughed. I said never again then 2 days later I was back. I knew something good was happening so I kept coming. I had been told to trust the process and keep coming. I started to notice I was sleeping better and had lost some weight. I had a busy schedule and could only come a few times a week.
A couple of years later my husbands job brought us to Minneapolis. I took some time off from yoga to get settled in and before I knew it months had went by and I had not been practicing. It took a doctors visit to get me where I needed to be: at Bikram Yoga Minneapolis. I was feeling sluggish, I had gout, borderline diabetes, anxiety and was overweight. My doctor wanted to start me on meds to keep everything in check. I asked for 30 days to try to do something about this. I went straight to Bikram Yoga Minneapolis  and got the schedule and hit it hard. My doctor loved the results and said if this kept up I would not need meds. Months later I decided to go to teacher training spring of 2014. My doctor gladly signed my release forms for me to attend the 9 week training in Los Angeles.
I returned to Minneapolis after training and began teaching at Martha's studio. About 20 classes into teaching my husband got another job transfer. This time Raleigh NC would be our new home.  I began teaching at Bikram Yoga Durham.
I'm no longer over weight, lost around 40 lbs. Border line diabetes,gout and anxiety are no longer a part of my life. I know first hand what this yoga can do for you, very healing and therapeutic yoga. If you are willing to put in the work Bikram yoga will give you the results.  Namaste 

Laura Frey

Laura has diligently practiced a lifetime of personal fitness including running, cycling, swimming, yoga and strength training. After several sub 3:00 marathons and a cranky body she found yoga and subsequently a new body. Laura is excited to share her passions of health and fitness with you! 

Laura received her Yin training in Vancouver, Canada from Bernie Clark. She frequently travels to workshops and seminars to learn from the best. Always keeping her knowledge current.

 She has 3 beautiful children. Twin 13 year old daughters and an 11 year old son. 

Laura is proud to do her part to help the planet by living a Vegan lifestyle. She is always eager to talk and share information.

She looks forward to hard work and helping others on and off the mat.

Melinda Tew

Melinda fell in love with Bikram Yoga during final Savasana of her first class. As her practice evolved, it became a central component in nourishing a balanced mind, body and spirit. Her love for the practice coupled with a passion to share the yoga led her to Los Angeles, California in the spring of 2014 to undergo insensitive training to become a certified Bikram Yoga teacher.Melinda would like new students to know 3 things:·  You don’t have to prepare for yoga: just come and try, practice. That’s all you do.·  You will gain control of your breath and heal your mind and body by strengthening your spine. ·  The only bad class you can have is the one you don’t go to.

Melinda also teaches Inferno Hot Pilates as her alter ego “Belinda”! Be sure and try this high energy class to enhance your strength and stability.

Charles Arnold

I teach yoga.

At 14 years old, I began my yoga practice in order to improve my balance, strength & flexibility for golf. Even at that young age, the science of yoga made logical sense to me.  While yoga initially did help me hit the golf ball farther, it has blessed me with a love for life that I didn’t know was possible.

I have been teaching Bikram HOT YOGA full-time since June 2012. From 2008-2013, I was a part of the dynamic front desk team at Bikram Yoga Tempe. In late 2013, I took over as Studio Director at Bikram Yoga Rio Salado in Mesa, AZ until moving to the East Coast in early 2016.

Presently, I can be found in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area teaching yoga & golf lessons privately and in small groups."

Patricia D. Pittman

Check, Check...Hi! My name is Patricia, and I will be leading you through Bikram’s beginning yoga series! I started my Bikram yoga journey about three years ago in my home state of Arizona during my 3rd year of medical school. My first class was magical! I immediately fell in love with the series and have been dedicated to sharing the power of the practice ever since. I completed training Spring of 2015 in Thailand.By day, I am a Pathology resident at Duke University in Durham, NC. Like most physicians, my days are long, physically challenging and mentally demanding. I find this 90 minute Bikram series to be the perfect prescription for any and all of my daily work and/or life stressors.Find me at: www.yogadocmd.com"When You Have Total Control Of Your Spine & Nervous System You Will Have Total Control Of Your Mind, Body & The Rest Of The World...You Don’t Have To Chase Money, Money Will Chase You, You Don’t Have To Chase Love, Love Will Chase You!"--Bikram Choudhury

Kathryn Murphy

Well known for her uncompromising work ethic and inspirational outlook on life, Kathryn Mowat-Murphy has been a powerhouseon the Broadway​ ​stage and​ ​in the fitness world for over twenty years. Originally from New Zealand, Kat relocated to New York City in the 90's and has been dazzling not only the Big Apple but the entire world ever since.She moved to NC three years ago to develop a Jazz curriculum for dancers aged from 7 to 17. During this time she​ ​created her 45 minute KMJ Hot Yoga Fusion​ ​specifically for the hot room. Set to music this would be another addition to her Brand and would join her popular​ ​KatMoJAM class she developed during her travels around the world performing.  Kathryn discovered that staying fit for her shows could be a difficult task. This inspired her to formulate a high-intensity workout that could be done anywhere. And so, KatMoJAM was devised to keep her fit and at the top of her game. Utilizing a combination of dance, kickboxing, yoga, and resistance training to create a high-octane calorie burn, it is structured in a tiered manner to allow for those in any fitness level to enjoy and benefit from the workout. Set to an energizing soundtrack, the 55-minute regimen serves not only to increase your fitness but also to revitalize your soul and sense of confidence. Kat is honored and happy to be apart of this awesome team of teachers here at Raleigh Yoga Company.For more info about KatMoJAM please visit www.katmojam.com

Rachel Leblang

Rachel Leblang is a Michigan native and graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese Language Studies. She was first introduced to yoga on a bet with her friend. Because she lost, she had to attend a 5:30 a.m. heated power vinyasa class. During that class, she fell in love with the asanas and the physical side of yoga.

Several years later, while living in Japan, she had the opportunity to study the philosophical and historical aspects of yoga as well. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Hawaii with the Yogacara Teacher Training program. Rachel’s classes feature slow, intentional movement with an emphasis on breath and body awareness.

Tanara Hansen

Tanara first found yoga at the age of 20 and, like many other stories, in the beginning it was a purely physical endeavor. Immediately hooked on the sweaty detox and the lightness she felt after wringing, twisting, and moving her body during practice, yoga quickly became a regular routine.

Several years, hundreds of practices, and many styles of yoga later Tanara is a true believer that the benefits of the poses unconsciously radiate outward into every aspect of mind, body, and spirit transforming each of us from the inside out.

Tanara completed her 200hr YTT in 2017 at Island Yoga Aruba with Rachel Brathen. She loves to create energetic classes that build stamina, push limits, and bring us back to the breath. Her goal is to share the practice as a tool to promote a strong, centered, and courageous life.