How do I prepare of my first hot yoga class?

Register online 24 hours in advance. Arrive 25 minutes early to class. Bring a yoga mat, towel and water. Drink plenty of water the day before class too!

I'm not flexible. Is Yin Yoga for me?

YES! Yin was designed to help students gain flexibility and range of motion. As  teachers we love to watch the progress our students make. You will feel longer, taller and leaner after your first class! 

How hot is hot?

95°-105°. 40% humidity

What do I wear?

For the Bikram Method classes wear stretchy, unrestrictive clothes. For women, a sports bra and hot yoga shorts are great. For men, a light T-shirt and comfortable shorts. Running shorts that have a waistband that will stretch are good. 

Should I eat before class?

It depends on your body. Try to  avoid large meals for 2 hours prior. For optimal performance we want your blood to assist your muscles rather than your digestion. 

What is a Yin classroom like?

Our Yin room is dimmed and lit with candles. Light mediation music is played. We will provide yoga blocks, bolsters, sand bags and blankets. The temperature is warm. 80°.


Do you have showers?

No. We may add them depending on need.

Can I rent a Mat and Towel?

YES! In fact, we offer free towel and mat service for all our monthly auto-debit students. The cost is $2 for all other packages. You may sweat on the towels, dry off and then leave the laundry to us! 

May I put my own drink in your refrigerator?


I have trouble waking up early but I want to take the 6:00am.

No worries! We offer wake up texts! Give us your phone number and desired wake up time and you'll receive a motivating wake up text!


How long can I stay in Savasana?

Up to 30 minutes after class.

What is the difference between Inferno Hot Pilates and KMJ Yoga Fusion?

Inferno Hot Pilates is a challenging workout which concentrates on controlled movements,putting emphasis on alignment and core.  Improves flexibility, builds strength develops body control and endurance in the entire body. It is a low impact, high intensity workout. It is performed on a yoga mat in a heated room.  

-- INTRODUCING  KMJ YOGA FUSION (TM) ​Developed by Kat Mowat Murphy​ ​long term New York Dancer personal trainer fusing Astanga Yoga and strength training​. ​ ​You will use ​hand held weights. Workout is simply and meticulously choreographed ​​to music to blend a full body,​multi​ impact, shredding workout for all ages and abilities​. Workout is heated